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I am a total gourmet freaky person and simply everything related to cooking and being in the kitchen is my thing. I´m one of those persons who basically could buy everything when ending up in food markets or stores. I fall in love very easily with little details, even while being in one-dollar shop.

I return home from my morning walk or run in the mountains, hands full of leaves, herbs, roots or flowers. You never know what you can find in the nature! Then I either use that material in my food or I dry them for a later purpose.

When I see beautiful plates and glasses in stores, I cannot help not buying them. I always think how I could decorate a cake or other things. You can just imagine how full of everything my kitchen is!!!!

After studying Chinese medicine and energetic nutrition, I changed many traditional recipes I used to do, with the intention of eating healthier, but in a no way boring. I love to “tune” the traditional recipes and try more natural and healthier ingredients. I´m not following any special diet but I try not to use gluten, dairy and refined sugar and most of the times I eat plant based but I don´t call myself vegetarian. In my website you can find versatile recipes and I always try to give different options so that each person can make they own decisions about which product to use. The web is not named after being “vegan” or gluten free, neither is just a web for recipes. I also want to share all my knowledge about the healthcare, glyconutrition, Chinese medicine and sports.

Health care is one of the most important pillars for me in my life. I have personally lived bad times because of my back injury and I see people and athletes with various types of health problems every day in my practice.

I have competed almost all my life, every since I had 6 years. First in orientation and cross-country skiing and later in endurance and long distance sports such as adventure races, mountain races, ultra trails and ski mountaineering. I never gave a second thought about my nutrition while I was competing, neither about my general healthcare, until I injured my back and I couldn´t basically move anywhere. I was forced to do changes in everything: what I ate, how I trained, how I took care of myself, how I faced the problems in my life and so on.

At this moment, I had to face the cruel fact that my body wasn´t working anymore as it used to do. I had to start stretching from cero and every millimeter of progress was a big “hurray”. I started doing gyroginesis exercises and I had to do more visits in massage, osteopathy, physiotherapist or acupuncture practices. Now, I try to have a more simple and calm life, do daily meditations and not to obsess about the sports and my physical level as before. And of course, eat healthier.

I have a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Haaga Polytechnic applied sciences in Finland and in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of Wales, in England. After several years of working in finance, in 2008, I decided to make a professional change and start working in health sector. I currently work as a freelancer; I am a Chinese medicine, massage and nutritional therapist in my own practice in Seu d’Urgell, Spain. I do also work as a technical expert in a Chinese herbal laboratory. I also organize workshops and courses about a healthy way to eat; energetic nutrition and I also do pastries for individuals and companies based on orders.

I hope you find this website useful and I can help you with various health related topics